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Million Dollar Question – 5 star review

Great 5 star review. Thank you so much

From A Drip Of Truth:

Honestly this isn’t my sort of book in the least… have no clue why I agreed to read it… and went in expecting to be drudging through pages of boredom… obviously that wasn’t what happened… instead I was up reading till I couldn’t keep my eyes open and picked back up the moment I woke up again… and it’s a rather realistic look into someone whose life has undergone a huge change… this is sadly a look at how people tend to react when you’re in the midst of a scandal… or when you win a lot of money and people either try and take advantage of you or hate you for being better off… Olivia and Rosie are both people that could easily be someone you know… they’re not stereotypes… but genuine people trying to come to terms with what life has thrown their way… just as I could see myself reacting the same way they do even as I want to smack them upside their head for their stupidity… but the best part was just how Campbell managed to tie in every little piece that was mentioned… everything building up to a surprisingly plausible end… nothing was mentioned just for the heck of it… there isn’t anything random and tossed in just to help with the wrap up… it was a perfectly laid out story of two people whose lives were intertwining in ways they could’ve never seen coming…


Million Dollar Question – Publication Day! And 99 cents Launch Week!


It’s publication day worldwide for Ellie Campbell’s fifth novel, Million Dollar Question!!!    US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, India or wherever you live, you’ll find it live on Amazon and here’s the global link: http://viewBook.at/MillionDollarQuestion.

And if you wait till Monday you can get it for only 99 cents!

Yes, we’re so excited about this funny, romantic chicklit novel – one reviewer calls it ‘the sweetest Ellie Campbell book yet’ – that we are offering it for the official LAUNCH WEEK ONLY for the special Kindle sale price of 99 cents (US) and equivalent elsewhere. Promotion starts on 27th April.  But if you just can’t wait go ahead and buy it now.


It’s a tale of money, luck, coincidence and, of course, romance, as New Yorker, Olivia Wheeler is ejected from wealth and success to bankruptcy and shame just as  struggling impoverished single-mother Rosie Dixon wins an unexpected million pounds. What do these two women have in common?  And how will they survive their unexpected change of fortune?  That is the million dollar question!

Advance Reviews:

 “A well written story of love, loss, redemption, life altering decisions and secrets revealed. The twists, turns, drama and ultimately secrets made this a true five star read. I strongly recommend Million Dollar Question to all.”

 This book is certainly a million dollar laugh–Ellie Campbell always has a magical way of producing a book that elicits hours of laughter and glee in her books from her readers and this one is no different!’ Booknatics.

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Thanks for your wonderful support!  We’re celebrating madly as you can imagine!

Pam and Lorraine xxxx


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And the winners are… hosting our first Facebook party

Sure and begorrah, t’was a wee bit of a panic.  I’m talking about our recent Lucky Leprechaun party.

Leprechaun_dancesLuckily, ‘the sisters’ (i.e. Pam and I) did survive hosting our very first Ellie Campbell Facebook party event at #eNovAaW, organized by eNovel Authors At Work and Book Partners In Crime Promotions – thanks, guys.  Pam and I cunningly arranged to host on the last day so we could learn from all the more experienced authors before us.  How did it work out?  Well let me tell you…

Leprechaun event

Well, first bit of distraction was that my husband was having ankle surgery on March 11 at a very well-known clinic in Vail used by all the star athletes.   (We’re thinking of adding his old softball t-shirt to the famous name athletic jerseys in their hallway with an autograph saying ‘Thanks for returning me to D league.’)  So driving him drugged-up back to Boulder I didn’t get to participate in much until Day 2  but it all looked easy enough (lol). Then it was our turn.

We were on at 4 p.m. Eastern time which is 2 p.m. for me and 9 p.m. for Pam (who legitimately got to drink wine through the whole thing.)  My favorite moment was earlier in the day when she suddenly realized it was almost St Patrick’s Day and asked if I thought we should do something around that?  What did she think all those leprechauns were about anyway?  In all fairness St Patrick’s Day isn’t all that big in England – or in Ireland until the Americans got hold of it.Leprechaun_dances_3

First glitch – my house phone stopped working, (someone forgot to pay the bill) so we couldn’t do our usual thousand phone calls – well, it was Friday 13th.

First panic –  two minutes before the event went ‘live’ , Pam disappeared. Turned out she was posting last-minute links on our Facebook pages but I was sweating as I thought of doing the whole thing on my own.  Not to mention she was the one who had all the carefully prepared banners including giveaways.  FlashPrizeBanner - Audio copy siters

Second panic.  For those of you who haven’t been to a Facebook party, it’s all done through the comments section under a pinned post.  But if you don’t keep refreshing the page, you miss half the conversation and have no idea what is going on.  And then when you are answering someone, someone else is answering a question posed five comments above.  It’s all very confusing but fun. Even more confusing with two of your doing it.reading thing

Third panic. None of the conversations went the way expected.  Which was somewhat expected having witnessed the other authors.   But topics expected to generate a few comments like ‘luck’ and ‘St Patrick’s day’ got no response whereas anything about alcohol was jumped on instantly (obviously more than a few authors at that party!)  Luckily, when talking about our animals, someone posted a photo of their dog in a Santa hat.  And since I have a plethora of photos of my animals in Santa hats, whenever I got lost for words I simply posted another.IMG_1047 - Version 2

Fourth Panic.  I lost Pam again.  After a long long silence from her, I realized that when we posted a new Giveaway up top, new people to the party joined on there.  So she was chatting to people on that post further up the page while on the original post, the other partygoers and I were swapping photos of animals and stories about our travels and outhouses around the world.  (Yes, we did completely forget to mention anything about our books or our writing.  Durr…)


Fifth Panic. Trying to keep three separate conversations going, trying to redirect lost newcomers to the original conversation so they wouldn’t think they were the only people at a party with nothing happening.  Then all of a sudden we were out of time.  So in a hail Mary pass Pam posted our last giveaway with seconds to spare.

And then it was over.  And we got to watch the next author sweat through their turn and derailed conversations that had nothing to do with books.  So much fun!wink

Afterwards Pam and I tried to laugh about it together on Skype (my phone still wasn’t working – thanks, St Paddy) but the signal kept dropping.  So I just had to open a bottle of wine and toast to our success! Bottle_drunk

Anyway it was absolute brilliant getting to meet so many of our readers and fellow authors.  Thank you so everyone who participated, who talked to us, entered our giveaways, liked us on Facebook or signed up for our newsletter.  And CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!!!  We are sending our the prizes now.


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And Happy St Patrick’s day to one and all.