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Birthday Swag Bag – Blog Hop

Birthday Swag Bag: Blog Hop

We’re chuffed that the fabulous Cathy Bramley, author of Conditional Love and the Ivy Lane series has invited Pam to take part in a Birthday Swag Bag: Blog Hop started by Susie Orman Schnall, author of On Grace who started it all (see original post here).

I have to decide what to include in a swag bag to celebrate a milestone birthday with friends. Categories are book, beauty product, snack food, music album, and “my choice.” It’s an imaginary, virtual swag bag, so the cost of the items isn’t an issue… and best of all I don’t have to trudge around the shops, feeling desperate and frazzled.

So here goes.


One of my favorite reads recently is Kirsty Greenwood’sYours Truly debut novel, Yours Truly. Originally self-published it was quickly snapped up by Pan Macmillan and no wonder. Funny, clever, it had me laughing out loud in several places. And my friends love a good giggle so what could be more right and perfect for an extra-special birthday swag bag… be it 40, 50 or 29 again?

Beauty Product

I’m a simple lass and very rarely splash out onChanel No. 5 expensive beauty products (as you could probably tell from the state of my skin).  I do like a drop of perfume to dab behind the ears though.   And since it’s hard to beat the classics I’m choosing an old favourite, Chanel No. 5.  Marilyn Monroe claimed it was the only thing she wore to bed… although if she’d lived to be 40, I’m pretty sure she’d have added at least a pair of knitted bed socks on those cold winter nights. 

Snack Food

My tastes may be basic but I’m not sure a bagchocolate dipped strawberries of prawn cocktails crisps is going to cut it on this festive occasion.  So instead I think I’d bring along my favourite luxury snack food. Chocolate-coated strawberries.  Well you have to have chocolate, don’t you?  And strawberries… so healthy…and yet with a touch of decadence.  Yumm!

Music Album

I’m really an old rocker at heart, so I’d go for Dark Side of the Moon. Can’t beat a touch of Pink Floyd.  And this album reminds us it’s OK – maybe even important – to be just slightly crazy.

Dark side

My Choice

Ichampagne don’t believe we could celebrate without at least one bottle of champagne (per person). I’m going to go for Lanson Black Label Champagne but really anything with a bit of fizz would do ☺



Next on the blog hop: Posting Monday, June 30th  will be Louise Charles, author of historical novel, The Duke’s Shadow. Louise is a member of Writers Abroad. Check out her website at http://www.louisecharles.com

So, what would be your must-have items?