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BookBitchBlog – 10 Fun and Random Facts…




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10 Fun & Random Facts About Author Ellie Campbell (aka Pam Burks and sister Lorraine Campbell)  

1) We are both mad about horses, IMG_1018although Lorraine has three and Pam has none, which is not fair (according to Pam). Lorraine doesn’t mind one bit.

2) Pam grows most of her own vegetables in her allotment. It is in a fab location right next to a lake and a park. She loves nothing more than escaping housework and family, calling up her friend who she shares it with and sitting with her at their picnic table putting the world to rights.

3) Lorraine once worked as a charter cook on a boat in Belize, sailing around the Caribbean. Not a bad job considering she is a hopeless cook.

4) Pam hates cheese and olives. Lorraine loves both.

5) Lorraine is pretending to write, but really she is going on an intensive training course to be a horse trainer.

6) Pam is pretending to write and scolding Lorraine for sneaking off, but really she is sunbathing in the garden and reading other people’s novels.

7) Lorraine once trained to be a healer – in Canada. She’s also done courses in Silva, Psych-K, massage, EFL, and had to bow 3,000 times to get certified as a Dahnhak yoga teacher.

8) Pam once took a ride on cabin 2008 114_2Lorraine’s new young apparently docile horse and got bucked off in spectacular fashion within about three seconds.

9) Both Pam and Lorraine got tossed by cows. Pam in some small village in India and Lorraine on the Isle of Skye, the highlands of Scotland.

10) Both Pam and Lorraine loathe talking about themselves. But they seem to do an awful lot of it these days.

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The Truth About Author Photos

Every wondered how those author photos come out looking so darned intellectual, attractive, flawless? So do we. When our first novel How to Survive Your Sisters came out, and the publicity department of Arrow asked for photos we panicked. Hating our photo taken and not about to go the obvious route and hire a professional, we roped in our sister Jo.  After all she takes great photos, doesn’t she?

First we looked like we were in the middle of a sister war.

Then we thought balloons might help?  (They didn’t.)

The Daily Express did a feature, sent in a team of make-up artists, spending hours on hair and make-up, putting us in dresses and heels. Could this be our moment of glory?

Nope – unfortunately those hideous frocks helped nothing at all.

So when I went to Colorado to visit we decided that we’d get some nice shots. My daughter, Lucy was brought in. She had a camera. There were mountains.

I tried to look I was writing. Durr why??

We tried to look serious but ended up gormless (dopey). Or one of us closed our eyes.


Or we couldn’t stop squinting but at least the scenery looked nice.

We couldn’t stop laughing.  Or it came out fuzzy.

Others were too dark.  (We were getting tired of this game. Lorraine looks like she’s sleeping on my shoulder)


Then everyone kept jumping in, spoiling the point of it all. It was about US!

Lorraine kept pushing me out of the picture


By now the photographer was getting fed up. But I wasn’t sure she was taking it all that seriously.

She began taking photos of the dog.


I thought I might do better with a solo scholarly pose.


The vacation was over and we still hadn’t got our perfect portrait.

Perhaps it was time to use a professional after all.

Thanks to the digital technology, soft lights and lots of airbrushing we finally got a shot we liked.

I still don’t know though – does it make us look a little too young?