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The Clock is Ticking….

Sale now on!

Today and tomorrow we have an offer on our first novel, How to Survive Your Sisters. Yay.

Ending tomorrow, in 19 hours 10 minutes to be precise, this contemporary romance novel is on sale in Canada and India and on Kindle Countdown in UK and USA.

A brief rundown:

Uptight perfectionist Natalie MacLeod is under the fond illusion she can micro-manage a flawless wedding to her stuffy conventional fiancé, Jeremy.  But that’s without factoring in an alcoholic father, an outspoken eccentric mother and Natalie’s three feuding sisters.

Can workaholic Avril lose the chip on her shoulder and overcome her grudges long enough to acknowledge her drinking problem and stop running in panic from her soon-to-be-divorced lover. Will Milly’s dramatic unorthodox solution to being fat, downtrodden and almost forty wreck her family, her health and ultimately her life?  Will Natalie be able to surmount her own guilty past and discover where her heart truly lies?  And will Hazel be able to forgive the cruelest betrayal of all – a shocking revelation that threatens to overturn her entire world and even her identity?

Because when push comes to shove – or name-calling turns to hair-pulling – who can really hurt you or be there for you and support you like a sister?

Buy from Amazon

We’d love you to check it out!  Currently in the top 50 on for Romance and women’s Fiction, so we’re thrilled.

In other news, Lorraine’s moved on from China and is still out in Mongolia somewhere riding horses across the plains, while I’ve just returned from an amazing backpacking trip to Finland, Russia, Latvia and Estonia.

We flew from London to Helsinki, train to St Petersburg, another train to Moscow, another plane to Riga in Latvia, coach to Tallin in Estonia then boat back to Helsinki – all in 12 days. How’s that for a round about route? My hubbie doesn’t believe in backtracking (or planning). Tiring but fun. When I get my act together and Lorraine returns, we’ll put some pics up on the blog. And if anyone’s making their way over there and wants to chat about it, just drop us an email.


Amazing St Petersburg and the mind-blowing Red Square in Moscow

And below in lovely Riga. You need to touch the noses for luck. Got as far as the dog. Let’s  hope How to Survive Your Sisters hits the high time!

That’s all for now folks! Be back in September sometime.

Pam and Lorraine (Ellie Campbell)

Win up to NINE Cozy Mystery eBooks!

Hi folks,

We have joined up with some fabulous authors this week who are donating 9 cozy mystery novels at Author XP. There are some great books there so check it out below and get clicking.

Free to enter!

Finishes July 3rd

Win up to NINE Cozy Mystery eBooks!

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Loincloths, Spankings and Sexy Rexy's


In honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day in the US, India, Brazil, etc. (UK have had theirs 6th March, but hey, why not celebrate twice) Pam and I have compiled a countdown of the old classic movies and stars that won my mother’s heart. And yes, there does seem to be a common thread.

10. Samson and Delilah.


Mum had a thing for Victor Mature. He ran around in Biblical epics like ‘the Robe” and ‘Demetrius and the Gladiators’ displaying his shaved bare chest, emanating square-jawed virility. He was what Mum called a ‘sexy rexy’. She wasn’t particularly religious so I don’t think it was the content that thrilled her so much as those muscular thighs.

9. Tarzan.

Tarzan_the_Ape_Man_1932_posterWe had to watch every Tarzan movie that ever came out and it wasn’t just for the elephants and chimpanzees. Nothing thrilled Mum more than a man in a loincloth (see Victor Mature). Especially if he was pounding his chest, yodelling and flying through the air on a dangling vine or diving into a jungle pool and emerging half-naked and dripping wet. Her favorite Tarzan was Johnny Weismuller who was an Olympic gold medallist. She liked the other Tarzans too although we were all somewhat dubious about the one who ran around in slippers. In the jungle? Really?

8. Spartacus.

Another stud in a loincloth (see Tarzan and Victor Mature) although any movie Spartacus_-_1960_-_poster (1)with Kirk Douglas was a fave. He was a bit too intense for us as children but he was the definition of manliness and Mum liked his passion and the dimple on his chin which I convinced Pam was caused by falling on a nail. She liked his son Michael Douglas too until she saw him in Fatal Attraction having sex on the kitchen sink with Glenn Close. We could never persuade her that it wasn’t real and they were merely acting. But then again who knows… After all Mum was right about David Bowie (and all the other stick-thin pop singers) being on drugs in the 70s when we as innocent teenagers hotly denied the possibility.

7. Robin Hood.  Or Captain Blood.

Robin_hood_movieposterErrol Flynn was a real Hollywood bad boy, handsome, dashing, with a womanizing reputation and a flashing blade that dared anyone to suggest his tights were in the tiniest way unmasculine. He laughed with head flung back, hands on hips, his grin was pure devilment and when he swept a woman into his arms…. Well, no wonder Mum swooned. We did too.

6. Top Hat.

astaire_rogers - CopyWe could never miss a Fred Astaire musical, not matter how often it was repeated on TV. Didn’t matter if he looked like a turtle and lacked some of the physical attributes of the loincloth brigade. My mum and grandmother always had the same eternally entertaining conversation as Fred tripped lightly around the ballroom with Ginger in his arms. Nana: “I just don’t understand why he didn’t marry Ginger Rogers.” Mum: “Because she couldn’t stand the man, Mother.” Two minute pause, then… Nana: “It’s such a shame those two never married.” Mum: “Mother, I just told you, she hated him.” And so on until closing credits.

5. Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.

Seven_brides_seven_brothersHoward Keel was big and brash with a fine head of hair, a swagger in his step, and a beautiful deep voice. Mum loved him in buckskins singing “Bless Your Beautiful Hide” and slapping his thigh and she loved him as Fred/Petruchio in Kiss Me Kate, waggling his funny pointed beard and spanking Kathryn Grayson. There was nothing like a good spanking to titillate the older generation. I seem to remember Maureen O’Sullivan was always being bent over John Wayne’s knee in all those old Westerns and given a sound thrashing to show her who was boss.

4. Going My Way.

220px-BingCrosbyTheBellsofSaintMarysTrailerScreenshot1945Yeah, Bing Crosby could always make her cry but put him in a dog collar standing over a dying priest singing ‘Too-ra-lora’… You’d need boxes of Kleenex. Maybe a bucket.

3. Singing In The Rain.

Singing_in_the_rain_posterWell, of course. Terrific story, fantastic singing, dancing and comedy and it starred two of mum’s favorites, Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor. Gene Kelly could do no wrong, especially dancing in a downpour with his good looks, natural athleticism and unstudied grace. But Donald O’Connor almost elbowed him out of mum’s heart clowning about in the song, ‘Make ‘Em Laugh.’

2. The King and I.

Lawrence_BrynnerNo offence to Rex Harrison who played the role in the dramatic film version, Anna and the King of Siam, but there’s no way he could compete with Yul Brynner. Bald head, exotic accent, open-legged arrogant stance, Yul played the fiercely unpredictable king with colourful costumes and yet another bare chest – what’s not to love! Yes, there’s some great musical numbers. – ‘ Whistle A Happy Tune could be Mum’s theme song – but Yul as the King of Siam, prowling around his palace, barking out orders followed by ‘etcetera, etcetera, etcetera’ to a bemused but feisty schoolteacher, was the showstopper. Not to mention the story of star-crossed lovers was guaranteed to get the tear ducts flowing.

1. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner.

Poitier_croppedBig stars in this one – Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn but most of all…trumpet blast, please… Sidney Poitier. He was Mum’s all-time hero, partly because he was tall, handsome and soft-spoken, partly because he’d done the unthinkable in his era, become a black leading man and box office star, the first African-American to win an Academy Award for Best Actor. And this was such a great movie. Even if Sidney spends all of it wearing a boring old suit.


To celebrate Mother’s Day we have four offers for you.

First, for all in the UK, How to Survive Your Sisters and To Catch a Creeper are in a monthly Amazon sale, both at 99 pence.


And for lovers of cozy crime in the US, we have our latest novel,  Meddling With Murder still at the launch price of 99c but that’s only for a few days more, so grab it while you can.

Lastly but not leastly (is that even a word? – no I guess it isn’t), for Australian readers of contemporary romance, Million Dollar Question, is on a Mother’s Day sale in Australia – at AUS $1.99.  Ends in just over a week.

That’s all folks. Here’s a photo of Lorraine’s beautiful horse mother Sugar (on the right) , giving her daughter, Luna a big fat juicy kiss.


Have a great day y’all

Lorraine and Pam (Ellie)

Cover Reveal Day and $25 Amazon Voucher to be won!

Although followers of our blog have already had a sneak preview, today the rest of the world is taking a look and the reactions so far have been gr-r-r-reat!


Publishing on 9th April, Meddling With Murder is now available for pre-order here at the special price of 99c US and 99p UK.

And check out our book trailer.

 This is new for us, and we can’t thank Rachel Bostwick, the creator, enough for making the magic happen.

Other news is that this week in celebration of Meddling with Murder emerging from her chrysalis, we’re sponsoring Fussy Librarian’s Blog Giveaway and donating 4 paperbacks and 5 ecopies, plus Amazon giftcard.


For chance to win paperback copies of Looking for La La, To Catch a Creeper and Meddling with MurderHyperlink 107

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And for a chance to win Amazon Gift Vouchers – entry into this giveaway also qualifies you to win a $25 Amazon gift card from Fussy, so well worth having a go. 109 click here



So that’s all folks. You might not hear from us for a while. Pam’s flying off with her family to Colorado in two days’ time and she’s busy packing for snow, sun, strong winds and a huge celebration party on 9th April – publication day, which just so happens to be Lorraine’s birthday. Celebrations all around.


Have a great Easter! Not too much chocolate.

big chocolate bunny

Oh go on then. We are!

July is the month of Giveaways


With Lorraine over in Alaska and Pam busily packing for a mammothly long charity cycle challenge from London through France ending up at Mont_Ventoux (the top, not the bottom unfortunately), Amazon have decided to include Million Dollar Question in their Kindle Daily Deal USA – Today only!  Starting like Now!!

Price slashed to 99cents. First time nominated in the USA and we hope to make a big splash. Green_fireworks

We’ll be talking about it on our Facebook page so if you want to share the post or make a comment, we’ll be forever in your debt.


So in between sorting out bicycles, packing for trips, making sure animals are looked after, kids are catered for, not to mention writingwink

We have a few promotions lined up.

Date for your Diary – 10th – 15th July

Looking for La La will be on sale from 10th – 15th July – Price globally reduced to 99 cents and equivalent, so whether you’re in Canada, India, Brazil, Australia or Europe, you can get it cheap!

La La Large

Another Date for your Diary – for like the WHOLE OF JULY


We’re members of a great group of writing chums E Novel Authors and thanks to  Jackie Weger who organizes everything,  we’ve teamed up with the fabulous Fussy Librarian to give away a ton of paperbacks, audio books, ebooks, gift cards,  Amazon vouchers and even a Kindle Fire.  We’re offering an ecopy of each of our 5 novels, so if you’re missing one (or all) or want to try out some hugely talented best-selling authors, then jump on in Click here


Google Plus cover July 15-21

Have a great July y’all !

sugar and lorraine nice photoLorraine and Sugar 🙂




Pam and bike 🙂

Pam on bike yellow