Mysteries abound in August. Win 26+ Women Sleuths eBooks!

Under the shadow of this week’s eclipse, we ponder life’s great mysteries.  Why do multiple possessions vanish into a black hole the second Lorraine puts them down?  Why after many gruelling fundraisers on her tandem, did Pam choose a cycling holiday in Germany when she could be lying on a beach?  Why does Binkie, out of all Lorraine’s ten chickens, have her own Facebook page?  Why did she and her fellow hens choose to lay her eggs next to a massive snake. Most worrying of all, where is that snake hiding now?


We may never know the answers to these questions but we do have a fabulous giveaway featuring some brilliant and extremely entertaining women sleuths.

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4 responses to “Mysteries abound in August. Win 26+ Women Sleuths eBooks!

  1. Thank you so much for the chance…

  2. Possible answers.
    1. To test your mental acuity 2. fear of muscles atrophying and having to re-train them ( ouch) 3.Binky is too cool a name to ignore 4. The snake recognizing the cool-itude wanted to belong. The snake being afraid of angry Binkies and friends has quietly slunk off to find a warmer reception out of state.

  3. Interesting photo! However, no hen in her right mind would lay an egg next to a snake! Most likely your hens started a communal nest and the setting hen left it when the snake appeared. The snake sensed the warmth and wrapped itself around the eggs. ( I used to raise chickens.) What do you think?

    • Sorry, just noticed your comment! I think you’re right, we saw the snake that once and once the next day in the coop but it disappeared once I took down the shade tarp that the hens had started laying under. I think it just saw an opportunity for a place to cuddle up. Although having said that, the hens did not seem at all bothered by the snake. I suspect he or she lives hidden away in our yard, probably under the deck – a bull snake, harmless – we saw him a few years ago three times in one day, and then no sighting for ages until this one. Lorraine.

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