Cover Reveal and HUGE Cozy Mystery ebook Giveaway

Hi folks,

Well the        is shining here in Reigate and Boulder, and we have lots to celebrate with our soon to be published book of short stories (cover reveal below) and a crazy fun new book trailer for When Good Friends Go Bad which is on sale in the UK for March.  Oh yes, and there’s a brilliant opportunity to win 45+ cozy mystery books with Authors XP.  Don’t you just love Spring!

Since our early February newsletter Pam’s been on a no-ski ski holiday in the French Alps where she risked life and limb stumbling on foot in the snow, falling down holes, while ten members of her family were all racing each other down treacherous mountain slopes. She’s kidding herself that she’s not a coward, she’s just saving her knees for the London to Paris charity cycle ride in July. 

Meanwhile Lorraine has been to New Orleans and Las Vegas for no reason other than to escape the Colorado snows, hear some great music and to try her luck at the craps table. Came home from New Orleans to discover that 100 mph winds had blown the roof of her horse stalls and there were wildfires raging less than two miles from home.  As for her gambling luck, well, you know, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Along with most of her money, alas.


Moving on quickly to the book news.  Whatever evidence suggests otherwise, we’re actually very (OK, reasonably) hard working when we’re at our desks.

When Good Friends Go Bad – On Sale in the UK

First our new book trailer.  We have so much fun with these, trying to winnow down a whole novel into just a few sentences and see what our designer makes of it all.  And, lucky for us, When Good Friends Go Bad has been chosen for Amazon UK’s monthly sale for March. Friendship, romance and some dangerous secrets for only 99 pence.  Want to know more?  Watch this.

And now for our cover reveal – Love, Lies & Other Deceptions!

This is our forthcoming collection of twenty funny, romantic, twisty or reflective short stories, chosen from the 140 tales we separately wrote and got published in top women’s magazines like That’s Life, Bella, Take A Break, Woman, Woman’s Own and Chat. It’s hard to pick a single image for such a variety of content and we struggled to choose between the options our talented designer came up with, so much so that we put it to a readers’ poll on Author’s XP.  Thanks to everyone who took part!  The final result is actually very different from where we started but we absolutely love it and all the reader insights and opinions were so inspiring and useful.  If you’re interested in the challenges and pitfalls of how we came by our present book covers, check out Lorraine’s post on What’s In A Book Cover on our sister site Take Five Authors.  And watch this space to find out when Love, Lies and Other Deceptions is finally released. 

Win up to 45+ Cozy Mystery eBooks!

And now for the huge 45+ cozy mystery books Giveaway, including our own Looking for La La (six rows down sitting pretty in the centre).   It’s great to hear that some of our blog post followers and newsletter subscribers have won in the past, so if you do win this time, please let us know.

(2) Grand Prize “Gift Baskets” of ALL eBooks!
(45) Winners of Individual eBooks (randomly selected titles)

That’s all. Good luck with the Cozy Mystery Giveaway. We’re rooting for ya!

Pam and Lorraine (Ellie Campbell)

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  1. Vicki Mejia-Gewe

    You left or a crucial detail! HOW ARE THE HORSES?

  2. Hi Vicki. Oops. I did leave that hanging, didn’t I? Luckily the horses don’t live in those stalls, they’re out at pasture with a separate shelter. So they were fine, if spooked by the wind, and the wildfires never came near us in the end. All is good if windy in Colorado. Thanks for asking. Lorraine

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