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800px-ernesthareradiosipConfession: I read very little these days. That is, I read a great deal for research purposes, and I read far too many newspapers articles (especially this year, when the politics everywhere has been so intense and dramatic!) – but as for sitting down with a novel … sorry, but I can’t remember the last time I did that!

Shocking? Well yes. Writers should read, shouldn’t they?

I agree, absolutely. My problem is, since I started writing novels myself, I’ve found my concentration span has shortened immensely when it comes to reading other people’s books. If a novel is fantastic, it makes me want to run off instantly and get back to my own writing – in other words, I find good writing inspiring. If something is poor, or just doesn’t catch my interest … well, frankly, life’s too short to waste.

headphones-1088732_1280However, I do get through twenty to thirty novels…

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  1. I don’t listen to just Audiobooks but I haven’t Read/Read a book since I got my kindle I follow along while my kindle reads Text to speech (If I don’t follow along I feel like I’d lose my place)

    • Hi Linda That’s an interesting way of reading. ? We have two of our novels in audio and we found the interpretations of characters fascinating. Lorraine is pretty much addicted to audio but I am yet to really get into it. Something for the future.

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