The Clock is Ticking….

Sale now on!

Today and tomorrow we have an offer on our first novel, How to Survive Your Sisters. Yay.

Ending tomorrow, in 19 hours 10 minutes to be precise, this contemporary romance novel is on sale in Canada and India and on Kindle Countdown in UK and USA.

A brief rundown:

Uptight perfectionist Natalie MacLeod is under the fond illusion she can micro-manage a flawless wedding to her stuffy conventional fiancé, Jeremy.  But that’s without factoring in an alcoholic father, an outspoken eccentric mother and Natalie’s three feuding sisters.

Can workaholic Avril lose the chip on her shoulder and overcome her grudges long enough to acknowledge her drinking problem and stop running in panic from her soon-to-be-divorced lover. Will Milly’s dramatic unorthodox solution to being fat, downtrodden and almost forty wreck her family, her health and ultimately her life?  Will Natalie be able to surmount her own guilty past and discover where her heart truly lies?  And will Hazel be able to forgive the cruelest betrayal of all – a shocking revelation that threatens to overturn her entire world and even her identity?

Because when push comes to shove – or name-calling turns to hair-pulling – who can really hurt you or be there for you and support you like a sister?

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We’d love you to check it out!  Currently in the top 50 on for Romance and women’s Fiction, so we’re thrilled.

In other news, Lorraine’s moved on from China and is still out in Mongolia somewhere riding horses across the plains, while I’ve just returned from an amazing backpacking trip to Finland, Russia, Latvia and Estonia.

We flew from London to Helsinki, train to St Petersburg, another train to Moscow, another plane to Riga in Latvia, coach to Tallin in Estonia then boat back to Helsinki – all in 12 days. How’s that for a round about route? My hubbie doesn’t believe in backtracking (or planning). Tiring but fun. When I get my act together and Lorraine returns, we’ll put some pics up on the blog. And if anyone’s making their way over there and wants to chat about it, just drop us an email.


Amazing St Petersburg and the mind-blowing Red Square in Moscow

And below in lovely Riga. You need to touch the noses for luck. Got as far as the dog. Let’s  hope How to Survive Your Sisters hits the high time!

That’s all for now folks! Be back in September sometime.

Pam and Lorraine (Ellie Campbell)

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