Another 5 star review for Million Dollar Question

From Christy’s Cosy Corners:


million dollar question“I loved this book! This is my favorite Ellie Campbell book so far. I’ve loved all of their books that I’ve read, but this is the top on my list.

Olivia and Rosie are such great characters! They rise above all the stuff life has dealt them. They’re such strong characters, and I adore them! Actually, all of the characters in this story are great. They are well-developed and very real. The way the story comes together and the characters intertwine is just so good! The relationships that are explored in Million Dollar Question are very real. The relationship between Rosie and her mom is strained, but I love the reconciliation in their story.

The settings in this story are very diverse and great. I want to move to Scotland now. Though I’m told there is a lot of rain :) The way the village in Scotland is described will make you want to pack your bags and go!

This story makes you believe that all things are possible. I highly recommend Million Dollar Question to all of you chick lit lovers! I give it 5 stars! ”

Thank you, Christy.  So glad you liked it.

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