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This week is publication week of our latest project – What’s so Funny About Murder? – A boxed  set of 7 complete humorous Mysteries by 7 authors proving that  humor, from smiles to belly laughs,  can delight  and entertain while still getting a really good mystery.

What's so Funny about Murder

Some of the books are already award winners, and all are highly reviewed authors – R.P. Dahlke, Lesley A. Diehl, Kaye George, Heather Haven, A.J. Lape and Robert Bruce Stewart. 

It is a huge honor for us to be asked to be included and we are thrilled with the result.

Best of all it’s available globally at only 99cents or equivalent. So cheap as chips as we say in the UK, though actually chips are not cheap in the UK anymore.   wink

So drag out your kindles guys and get downloading!


Thanks Jo, for the photo.

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