When Good Friends Go Bad

Thanks to Arlena Dean from Night Owl Reviews for awarding When Good Friends Go Bad  5 Stars !!

“When Good Friends Go Bad” by Ellie Campbell is an interesting contemporary romance read. This novel really brings back memories of my school days of friends I had back then and even a few today. There is that question: “What happened to those people who vanished from our lives?”

“When Good Friends Go Bad” was about four friends, Jennifer Jen, Georgina, Meg Nutmeg, and Rowan. These four were the best of friends until a childhood prank tore them apart. Now, ten year later they are entering back into each other’s lives. It began with a phone call for all to meet for dinner, however someone did not show. Why did this friend not show up? As time goes on we find that there will be secrets that will finally come out.

Ellie Campbell did a good job with presenting this story to the reader. She showcased the three friend’s lives and what they were focused on. Then toward the end the mysterious friend shows up. There will be lots of questions that will be answered, like what was up the Georgina’s husband Aiden? Was he for real or what? Then there was Jennifer’s best friend Helen who really was a good friend and lets not leave out Jennifer’s ex…Ollie and their daughter Chloe. Also there was Megs son Zeb, which became important toward the. To get it all you must pick up this excellent read.

Truly, it will be a test of friendship for each of these four friends. The question is will they remain friends after everything comes out.Do I recommend? YES!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 5.00

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  1. Well done again! Watch out Charles Dickens!

    Margaret Larkin

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