Books are my life: Looking for La La by Ellie Campbell-review

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Books Are my LifeMy review:

What would you do if your husband receives love postcards? Cathy and Declan are in marriage have two kids and they had perfect life. Cathy is home staying mum with many obligations like every mum. She cares about her children, cooks, ironing and does all domestic things, but always something missing. She wants to find a job and to pay attention to herself a little bit, but is not simple because her husband doesn’t like that idea.     Declan is alpha man in the house or he thinks that he is. He has a career and he is a workaholic. He loves his wife but he things that she should to stay at home and be housewife.     One day Declan receive a postcard with love message signed by some La La.

“Josh looks up, marmite smeared on his small freckles cheek, ‘Mummy, who’s the card from?’ He shares Declan’s coloring, the gingery hair, blue eyes and pale but cheeky face.  ‘La La, darling. Apparently a tellytubby’s sending love letters to Daddy.”

I can’t stop laughing at this and then the troubles begin.  Cathy starts to investigate who is La La with her friends.    This book is incredible.  I was enjoying till I read it, every past page is full of laugh and surprises. It’s not just a simple book there are many turns and surprises followed by very funny situations.This book is:

rating amazing


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