The second time is the charm

Sounds a fascinating course Janet🙂

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Six years ago, I did a half day course with Michael Hauge. Who’s he, you ask. Well he’s the guy that most of Hollywood goes to for help to improve their scripts and storylines. He’s worked with the likes of Will Smith and Julia Roberts and Morgan Freeman. His credits include everything from Sci Fi epics like I am Legend to more character based films like The Karate Kid.

Two very different films but the same rules of storytelling apply to both Two very different films but the same rules of storytelling apply to both

He is now primarily a teacher – and what a good teacher he is. Although he has worked mostly on feature films, he also works with authors and he has a lot to offer to offer on the subject of story structure, character arc and plotting. His great ability is to distil a complex book of 100 thousand words down to the key elements. To make it simple.

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Win up to 14 Romance Novels!

Win Up To 14 Romance Novels!

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In gratitude of the short story

In gratitude of the short story. Check out our latest post on Take Five Authors blog🙂

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short stories pic

If it weren’t for short stories, I doubt that Pam and I would be novelists today.  Although some people might transition through journalism, advertising careers, or even just launch themselves at the computer with a brilliant light-bulb idea – oh, how we envy those inspired geniuses – it was having success with shorter fiction that let two cowardly creatives dare to tackle our first novel. Together.  Trembling and encouraging each other every step of our path through publishing.

typewriter, short storyI was 23, newly-promoted as assistant to an encouraging literary agent, when my boss hired a new secretary who also aspired to be a writer.  I quickly saw that if I didn’t rally the nerve to produce my first piece of work, I’d be choking in her dust. Luckily my disastrous love life gave me plenty of material for ‘chick-lit’ type stories – i.e. a mostly cynical, humorous look on modern London…

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Research: Sue shares her methods

Research: Sue Moorcroft shares her methods.

Taking research to a whole different level. Read all about it at Take Five Authors

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I love the research connected to my books. Research trips for The Christmas Promise took me repeatedly to London – Camden (including cafes that sold great cake and shops that sold incredible shoes), Balham, and an exhibition of graphic art at the British Library. My next book, due out next summer and currently bearing the working title of Just for the Holidays, necessitated (yes, truly necessitated) a four-day trip to Strasbourg and a helicopter pilot taking me up and pretending to crash (read about it here). The helicopter event is  my happiest research moment to date.

The book I’m just beginning to plan, which currently has the snappy title of My Next Book, is causing me to watch a lot of property programmes and learn about being an interior decorator. (Fun, but nothing on the helicopter.)Helicopterweb

As people frequently ask me about my research (‘You went…

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Win up to 24 Novels in the Women Sleuths Super Giveaway!

Hi All,

Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful summer weather.  Right now it’s warmer in Reigate, England where Pam lives than it is in Boulder, Colorado, where Lorraine lives so yay to Pam!

We wanted to tell your about two offers we have right now.  When Good Friends Go Bad has been chosen for the monthly sale with Amazon UK so for the whole month of August, you will get it for the grand price of 99 pence. Click on the book to check it out.


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ec-lfll-cover-front-large (2)

And for all those in the US both of these novels are available free through Kindle Unlimited. So check them out through our author page

We also wanted to pass on this chance to win some more great novels by fabulous mystery authors from the lovely Amy at Authors XP. There’s a whole heap of prizes to win, so click on the links at the bottom and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you. We’ll pass on these opportunities whenever we hear about them and feel free to share to all.

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What’s in a cover?

Great post by Jenny Harper. Read about it at Take Five authors. To me great title, blurb and tag line are most important but a book that stands out on the shelf will definitely draw you in or turn you off despite the blurb etc.

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Do you pick up a book because you like the cover? I do. I suspect most of us do. Likewise, we may be put off so much by a cover that we don’t pick up the book at all. If you are an indie author, one of the first pieces of advice you’ll be given is, ‘Hire a good cover designer’.

Covers have to be genre appropriate. Just look at the covers on our header here on Take Five Authors. Ellie Campbell has a smart, sassy cover that’s absolutely right for the tone and feel of her book. Mary Smith’s No More Mulberries is intriguing, exotic, a little dark, absolutely real. Janet Gover’s cover puts her book immediately into the right setting – and boy, can you feel the heat!

withoutAs we’ve had two cover reveals this week (Sue Moorcroft’s wintry delight for The Christmas Promise and my own summery and reflective 

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Sue’s GORGEOUS new cover and Jenny’s LOVELY new book!

Happy publication day Jenny Harper and great cover Sue.

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Christmas Promise final cover web 389 × 600Just popping in to the Take Five Authors Wednesday News Spot to show you (OK, show off!) the cover for my next book, The Christmas Promise.

I’m totally thrilled and delighted with the wonderful jacket Avon Books UK have designed – especially as the paperback is very satisfactorily blingy with gold foil and silver sparkles.

You won’t be surprised to hear that the book’s set at Christmas. Ava doesn’t like Christmas, her business as a couture milliner is struggling so she’s skint and her ex-boyfriend is threatening her with revenge porn.

Sam, on the other hand, has plenty of money and usually loves Christmas. But this year his mum’s ill, making him re-evaluate everything. He decides to give his mum, Wendy, the best Christmas he can and orders her a special gift – which involves Ava making a promise that proves unexpectedly hard to keep.

A Christmas to remember

The Christmas Promise

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Adventures in Audible

To all the listeners out there. Check out our post on Take Five Authors this week🙂

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I love audiobooks. With all that’s going on in our busy lives, sometimes it’s hard to take the time out to sit down to read. So, mucking out horse corrals, cleaning the kitchen, driving the car, I’m usually found, with earphones attached, listening to novels.

Often Amabloody jackzon’s Audible reviewers or an exceptional narrator send me on an unexpected journey, far beyond the obvious bestsellers such as Girl On A Train, Girl With A Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl. I’ve found myself gallivanting about the high seas with the YA bestselling series, Bloody Jack, about a young orphan lass who joins the British Royal Navy disguised as a cabin boy. I’ve schemed and battled my way through Game of Thrones, sweated through the tumultuous backstreets of Bombay with Shantaram, corralled wild brumbies and fallen in love in the Australian Outback with our own Janet Gwild oneover’s The Wild…

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Characters in Motion: Behind the Mask of Self-Image by Laurie Boris

Fabulous post by Laurie Boris. Both of these novels sound like great reads!

Layered Pages

Laurie BorrisWhether I’m reading or writing, I’m a sucker for flawed characters trying to do the best they can with what life has dealt them. Maybe I love these people a little too much—my novels are full of them. Sometimes I even throw additional obstacles in their paths. I don’t enjoy torturing my characters—most of the time—but I like to see what they’re made of and how badly they want to redeem themselves. Not only do their flaws and demons make for rich, honest writing material, but it’s also more fun for me to work with someone who isn’t a “perfect” hero.

Even more telling about broken characters is what they choose to tell the world about themselves. In real life, it takes a lot of courage to admit when you’ve screwed up big time, when the path you’re on is no longer working, when you’re in too deep and feel…

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