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Hi Folks, 

Seeking your opinion on book trailers (our new one is below) but first some people have asked us about Lorraine’s dog, Remy (aka) Rembrandt.  He’s a whoodle – a wheaten terrier/poodle mix -abandoned by a puppy mill and rescued from a Kansas City shelter. Lorraine had to drive 9 hours to get him but she feels it was worth it.  He’s non-shedding (which basically means a dirt and mat magnet) and has to have his dreadlocks shaved off at least once a year.  It’s a bit like owning two dogs, one of which happens to be a Wookie.






About those book trailers…do you watch them?  Do they make you want to know more?  Or are they just another distraction you don’t have time for?  Personally we love them.  And the lovely Rachel Bostwick has produced another just in time for the launch of Love, Lies and Other Deceptions. (Still on sale at 99 cents)

If you’d like to read one of these stories, see below

Simon Says

‘I said may I help you?’
I look up. There’s a young guy standing beside my table, pen poised waiting to take my order.
‘Sorry,’ I mumble. ‘I didn’t see you there.’
‘No problemo,’ he says cheerfully, flashing me a friendly grin. ‘Would you like something to drink? Wine, beer, cocktail?’
‘Mineral water please.’ One part of me wants some alcohol, needs some alcohol, but at the same time I must keep my wits about me... 

Amazon Giveaways of Love, Lies and Other Deceptions

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Unfortunately Amazon Giveaways are for US residents only, but for everyone in all territories, we’ve news of another AXP Giveaway. This weeks it’s sweet romance and includes some fabulous novels

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That’s it for now. Good luck everyone and have a great week!

Ellie Campbell

Special launch price – Love, Lies and Other Deceptions!!!

New Release!

Yes, it’s just out – our short story collection, Love, Lies and Other Deceptions. Available now on Amazon at the very special launch price of $.99  or equivalent in your area. Each story was written either by Pam Burks or by Lorraine Campbell (writing as Chris Grant) but we intentionally left it to you to guess which sister wrote which!  For those of you who like the feel of a real book, the paperback will be available soon. Watch this space. Price is going up soon so don’t delay!

Love can be quite a trip.  Whether it’s that first magnetic encounter with a fascinating stranger, the desperate wait for a call that never comes, or even the lies and deceptions of an illicit affair, there’s nothing like the power of attraction to have us acting like crazy fools. Many of these twenty funny, twisty or thoughtful short tales by bestselling novelist Ellie Campbell, (aka sisters Pam Burks and Lorraine Campbell), were first published internationally in top women’s magazines like That’s Life, Bella, Take A Break, Woman, Woman’s Own and Chat. So grab a glass of wine, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a bumpy ride along the rocky road to romance.   It may be turbulent but it’s still a whole lot of fun!

And twenty get all twenty for free!

If you’d like to be part of our review team for this very special launch, email us at and we’ll gift the first twenty to respond either a mobi or epub copy.  Limited time only.

Happy Easter everybody!

Pam enjoying herself on her friend’s farm.  Don’t you just love springtime!

Pam and Lorraine (Ellie Campbell)

Win up to 17+ Humor eBooks!

While waiting for Love, Lies & Other Deceptions to be published (any day now), Lorraine visited Poland on a horse healing course (more about that in the next newsletter) and Pam’s been to the glorious New Forest in England for a 68th wedding anniversary. Now that is something to celebrate! The New Forest is known for its 3000 plus ponies that, due to old English laws, can graze as and where they please. You might also spot cattle, donkeys and mules that also roam freely through the villages exercising their owners’ common rights.

This week it’s all about humor and there’s 17+ ebooks to be won with AuthorsXP.  See below.

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Good luck everyone! Lorraine will fill you in about her Polish experience when she gets back from Oregon.

Ellie Campbell

30+ Thriller/Suspense/Crime eBooks to be won!

Just a quick one this week to let everyone know about the latest Authors XP Giveaway. Good luck everyone. We’re rooting for you!

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Stepping Into The Time Machine

Reblogged from Take Five Authors

What do you have hidden in your closet?

Pam and I have been writing together as ‘Ellie Campbell’ for so long that sometimes even we forget we ever did things differently.  Recently we rediscovered some of the 140 short stories we each had published in those early years and decided – huge shock – we actually found them really entertaining.  So much so that we decided to gather some of them up into a collection.  Between world travels, multiple changes of first stone age-style word processors, then computers, plus my inability to hold on to copies or the actual magazines, many are probably lost for good, but we managed to come up with twenty funny, romantic, twisty or reflective short tales, soon to be released as Love, Lies And Other Deceptions.   It wasn’t easy to pick a cover to reflect so many diverse themes, but our talented designer Andrew Brown came up with the following. And here it is – ta-da, drum roll, please.

Read more at Take Five Authors



Hold the Front Page! Kindle Fire giveaway

Top o’ the morning to you all.  🍀

You’ll find out below why we’re feeling a wee bit Irish (and deepest apologies to our any readers actually from Ireland.  We know, we know…) 🍀

Ah, t’is a blessed day to be sure.

Sure and Begorrah, we found the gold at the end of the rainbow!  We’re taking part in the Kindle Books Reviews Lucky Reader Giveaway. 🍀

For a chance to win a Kindle Fire 8″, or Kindle Fire 7″, or Amazon gift cards galore, just click on the link.  Sure, it’s that easy. You don’t have to do the Riverdance, outwit a leprechaun or kiss the blarney stone.🍀

Giveaway has started already and ends tomorrow March 18th. To enter click here

OK, we can stop waving the shamrocks now – although I’m sure they’re very nutritional and my horses would probably love them.  For those kind-hearted souls that were concerned by my last post describing windstorms, wildfires and collapsing shelters, I’m happy to reassure you that all four horses are well, happy and enjoying kicking back in this fine kicking spring weather


Fingers crossed for you all.  And let us know if you win.  We love good news!

Gifts Galore Ends 18 March



Cover Reveal and HUGE Cozy Mystery ebook Giveaway

Hi folks,

Well the        is shining here in Reigate and Boulder, and we have lots to celebrate with our soon to be published book of short stories (cover reveal below) and a crazy fun new book trailer for When Good Friends Go Bad which is on sale in the UK for March.  Oh yes, and there’s a brilliant opportunity to win 45+ cozy mystery books with Authors XP.  Don’t you just love Spring!

Since our early February newsletter Pam’s been on a no-ski ski holiday in the French Alps where she risked life and limb stumbling on foot in the snow, falling down holes, while ten members of her family were all racing each other down treacherous mountain slopes. She’s kidding herself that she’s not a coward, she’s just saving her knees for the London to Paris charity cycle ride in July. 

Meanwhile Lorraine has been to New Orleans and Las Vegas for no reason other than to escape the Colorado snows, hear some great music and to try her luck at the craps table. Came home from New Orleans to discover that 100 mph winds had blown the roof of her horse stalls and there were wildfires raging less than two miles from home.  As for her gambling luck, well, you know, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Along with most of her money, alas.


Moving on quickly to the book news.  Whatever evidence suggests otherwise, we’re actually very (OK, reasonably) hard working when we’re at our desks.

When Good Friends Go Bad – On Sale in the UK

First our new book trailer.  We have so much fun with these, trying to winnow down a whole novel into just a few sentences and see what our designer makes of it all.  And, lucky for us, When Good Friends Go Bad has been chosen for Amazon UK’s monthly sale for March. Friendship, romance and some dangerous secrets for only 99 pence.  Want to know more?  Watch this.

And now for our cover reveal – Love, Lies & Other Deceptions!

This is our forthcoming collection of twenty funny, romantic, twisty or reflective short stories, chosen from the 140 tales we separately wrote and got published in top women’s magazines like That’s Life, Bella, Take A Break, Woman, Woman’s Own and Chat. It’s hard to pick a single image for such a variety of content and we struggled to choose between the options our talented designer came up with, so much so that we put it to a readers’ poll on Author’s XP.  Thanks to everyone who took part!  The final result is actually very different from where we started but we absolutely love it and all the reader insights and opinions were so inspiring and useful.  If you’re interested in the challenges and pitfalls of how we came by our present book covers, check out Lorraine’s post on What’s In A Book Cover on our sister site Take Five Authors.  And watch this space to find out when Love, Lies and Other Deceptions is finally released. 

Win up to 45+ Cozy Mystery eBooks!

And now for the huge 45+ cozy mystery books Giveaway, including our own Looking for La La (six rows down sitting pretty in the centre).   It’s great to hear that some of our blog post followers and newsletter subscribers have won in the past, so if you do win this time, please let us know.

(2) Grand Prize “Gift Baskets” of ALL eBooks!
(45) Winners of Individual eBooks (randomly selected titles)

That’s all. Good luck with the Cozy Mystery Giveaway. We’re rooting for ya!

Pam and Lorraine (Ellie Campbell)

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What’s in a book cover?

Reblogged from Take Five Authors

How important is your book cover? Well, crucial enough that publishers will change their entire design if a chain store buyer doesn’t find a jacket visually appealing. And yes, even as a tiny rectangle on an Amazon page, it has to stand out, conveying the tone and genre to attract the right readers. Now that’s a big ask!

Of course publishers have teams of experts leading the design process. Great if you love the result. Not so good as a writer if you’re unhappy with the way your book is presented, whereas indie authors have the sometimes daunting pleasure of total control. Obviously the first step is to hire a professional designer but it’s still you, the writer, assuming final responsibility.

Ellie Campbell has gone through both experiences, traditional and indie, and we’re still learning. So just for fun we thought we’d show you some of our book covers, old and new.



Left is the original Arrow cover. Originally we liked it. Later we decided it seemed too juvenile and we really hated that it was so easy to miss in a WH Smith promotional stand of Summer Reads – even with two of us desperately searching.  Read more… at Take Five Authors blog

Shhh. Keep it Strictly Confidential…

Crouch End Confidential – Mystery Box Set

3 Novels at one low price

We’ve just this week published our new cozy mystery box set, Crouch End Confidential, featuring Cathy O’Farrell, our scatty housewife sleuth and her unusual cast of friends, in three hilarious novels: Looking For La LaTo Catch A Creeper, and Meddling with Murder.  For one week only we’ll be offering it on Amazon at a special, introductory, lower than low, price of 99 cents. Can’t miss this one!

For US Readers only

Want a chance to get it for free? We’re holding three Amazon giveaways, each with a 1 in 20 chance of winning the entire trilogy.

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                                    For a taste of the fun in store, check out our exciting trailer on YouTube.

The Kindle Book Review – Win 1 of 6 Kindle eReaders

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Happy Valentine’s Day
Pam and Lorraine (Ellie Campbell) 

Help the Zombies are Attacking!

Happy January!

To start the year right, Lorraine downloaded a trial coupon for a health club because a friend was extolling the virtues of her boxing coach. The minute she walked through the door, she realized how much she hated gyms and working out, but one smooth operator later, she found herself signed up for 3 packs of 5 sessions each. Wish her luck!

She actually prefers her app Zombies Run where you get to “Run in the Real World and Become a Hero in Another”. Even if her run is more of a zombie shuffle it’s much more her cup of tea.

Pam meanwhile has taken up jogging, hates every minute, but is using a new app Couch to 5K.  So far she’s only missed two days (snow in Surrey), and is hoping that if she keeps it up she might start enjoying it a few months down the line. Let’s see how long that lasts…

Win up to 35+ Romantic Suspense eBooks!

(2) Grand Prize “Gift Baskets” of ALL eBooks!
(35) Winners of Individual eBooks (randomly selected titles)

Another great giveaway from Authors XP! This time the genre is Romantic Suspense and it includes our very own When Good Friends Go Bad.

Three once inseparable friends in middle school begrudgingly unite as adults to track down the missing schoolfriend who disappeared from their lives years earlier. In the attempt loyalties will be tested, secrets exposed, first loves re-ignited and a very real danger faced by all. 

Click here to enter

Ends 23rd January

 Good luck everyone!

Pam and Lorraine (Ellie Campbell)